Arrive in Style

The brief was simple, an attractive approach to the house for cars and pedestrians with minimal hard paving and year round plant interest.
The original drive and path were separated by an impractical rockery. The overall impression was not favorable to the property. The site was cleared of all features (except for one tree covered by a preservation order).
The agreed design called for the path and drive to be combined into a single entrance. The site would be framed by a wooden fence hand built on site. The small paved area on the left will accommodate the bins out of sight from the house and the street.
The key to a successful gravel drive is a sound foundation of compacted crushed stones: this supports the weight of the cars and stops them sinking deep into the gravel.
It was important to get away from the appearance of a plain rectangular space: a dynamic, curving bed leads the eye towards the door. Tall plants give height to a flat site and balance the existing tree.
The variety of colors and shapes, the combination of evergreen and deciduous, flowering and foliage plants mean that the main bed will be a point of interest all year round: whether viewed from the street or the living room.
Fencing, drive, edging and plants were chosen and combined to complement one another. Features which can't be changed (like a neighbor’s fence) can be integrated into the design through the careful use of materials.
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