Rental Property

The landlord and letting agents both felt that this flat was not achieving its full market potential as the small garden was gloomy and full of weeds with a lawn that repeatedly failed due to neglect by the tenants. Urban Idyll provided a cost effective make over concentrating on creating the impression of light and space and ensuring minimal maintenance requirements.
To meet the budget it was decided to retain the existing fence and patio. The dead lawn and a forest of weeds were dug up and a tall leylandii hedge pruned.
A ā€˜floating' deck was created in the sunniest corner of the garden and a paved border laid to give the bedsĀ definition.
Mature plants were supplied to give the garden 'instant' appeal. Most plant were evergreen and all were chosen for their site compatibility and low maintenance requirements.
Horticultural fabric was laid over all soil surfaces. This restricts weed growth while allowing rain to pass through. The surface of the beds was covered with bark to provide an attractive finish.
A high quality artificial lawn completed the garden: while this is more expensive to install than natural turf it is ideal in a rental property as its continued good looks do not depend on the tenants to water and mow.
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