Garden Design: please see the Process page on this site.

Planting: advice on existing plants; development of planting schemes and suggestions for new introductions; sourcing of plants, including mature and specimen plants; soil preparation, planting and advice on aftercare.

Paving: design and build of paths or patios to meet your needs ensuring that they are not only pleasing but constructed with correct drainage and groundwork preparation.

Decking and Pergolas: designed specifically to meet the garden's requirements and constructed from high quality hardwoods or treated timber.

Lighting: design and sourcing of garden, deck and patio lights. Installation, including remote control systems and sensors, by qualified electricians.

Fencing: a variety of fences can be installed or constructed in-situ.

Irrigation: Design and installation of automatic watering systems with features to suit the needs of the garden – multi-zone, mains or battery, sprinklers, pop-ups, drippers, porous-pipe, rain sensors.

Lawns - Natural and Artificial: site preparation including drainage and leveling where necessary, laying, edging and installation of borders and mowing-strips, as well as aftercare advice.
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